We protect your privacy.

A hotel uses the personal details recorded and stored only for purposes of internal administration, in particular the identification of the customers and also to fulfill the legal obligation it imposed various provisions of the Act of March 1, 2007 (BS 14 March 2007) and the Royal Decree of april 27, 2007 concerning the registration and inspection of travelers staying in tourist accommodation (BS May 18, 2007).

The personal details provided by guests may only be disclosed to the police. Article 144 of the Act of March 1, 2007 containing various provisions (Belgian Official Gazette March 14, 2007) requires the provider of accommodation, if so requested, to make the recorded data available to the police for control thereof is possible.

Guests whose details are registered and kept may inspect the information and have it corrected.

To do so, the traveler will send a letter with a copy of his identity card to the hotel.