Brugge Plus

The non-profit organization Brugge Plus organizes projects in the city of Bruges that are at a crossroads of culture and tourism. For this purpose, we work in close association with several partners from the cultural and touristic sector.

Brugge Plus is the successor of the non-profit organization ‘Brugge 2002’ that directed the event “European Capital of Culture”. In 2005, Brugge Plus organized the urban festival “Brugge Corpus 05”. The second international festival “Brugge Centraal” (in 2010) was also coordinated by Brugge Plus. In 2011, the first edition of the gastronomic festival “Kookeet” was a great succes.  Every year we also organize several cultural and touristic events such as “Film on the beach”, “Cirque Plus”, "Klinkers for Kids" and “Feast of light”.

Brugge Plus coordinates initiatives in the cultural sector. The joint cultural communication of cultural institutions in Bruges is an important part of it. Every week, we send out a digital newsletter, which is called “UiT in Brugge”. Once a month we also compose an Exit calendar and we address the little ones with “Exit under 12”. Brugge Plus conducts the input of data in the UiTdatabank. We do not only validate the entered data, we also help and encourage Bruges’ organizations to enter their activities into the UiTdatabank.
Brugge Plus brings culture and education together through the educational project “Vel tegen Vel”. We organize workshops with pupils of primary and secondary education in collaboration with our cultural partners.

With “UitWijken”, Brugge Plus organizes cultural community projects.

Brugge Plus also provides the cultural and touristic information and the ticket sale for cultural organizations through “In&Uit Brugge” on the ground floor of the Concertgebouw.